About Us – Alpha Guard

About Us

We Are Driven By Three Simple Principles

Loving Your Neighbor

We are born into this world with a responsibility to help not just our neighbors and community, but ALL people in need. Nobody should be without a facemask or gloves. This is especially true for those most marginalized. This is why we are donating masks to non-profits around the country with each purchase.

Community Service

To be the first, you must be the last – a servant to ALL. AlphaGuard was started on the thought of how to provide a need to others in this extreme time in our history.  Our donation policy was developed when one of our team members was volunteering at a local food pantry and noticed that the needy coming for food didn't have protective equipment which further pushed the thought of our donation policy - mask for a mask!  We are committed to doing everything we can to have high-quality products, in stock and ready to go for communities who need it the most.

Helping Our Country

American people have a way of coming together to lift each other up. This has always been an inspiration to us and as a business, we have a duty to do our part. Our facemasks and gloves is trusted by critical organizations such as People's Gas and the Department of Defense. Our Copperhead products are made in America by American workers with materials sourced from American suppliers. Each Copperhead product sold is directly supporting local commerce.