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Surgical Masks Donated with Select Purchases

Infused Copper Doesn't Wash Out

Made In The USA

Copper Infused Face Masks and Gloves

The courage shown each day in communities across America never ceases to inspire.  No matter what happens, Americans always seem to rally together.  We are proud to supply our communities with American made face masks and gloves. Our products are in-stock and ready to go ship.

A Mask for A Mask:

For each Copperhead mask or pair of Copperhead gloves sold, we will donate a surgical mask to a nonprofit working with families in need.

Copper Infused Fabrics

In scientific studies, copper has proven itself to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties when tested against other materials.

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Made In The USA

Our Copperhead products are made and materials sourced from here in the USA in full compliance with the Berry Amendment for unbeatable quality.

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Trusted In The Field

Our protective equipment is trusted by the organizations that keep the country moving such as People's Gas, the Department of Defense and other government agencies.